With enemies on all sides and evil stalking the lands, Thrane is the light in the darkness, an island in a sea of corruption. Its pure, unwavering flame shines the way for all to attain salvation and freedom from the world’s cruelty. Religion rules Thrane, its royal blood marginalized by a clear need to protect the people and religious institutions from those who would quench the holy flames and plunge the world into shadow. Thrane’s people cling to virtue and order, and look to the Church of the Silver Flame to guide them through the Last War’s wreckage to a future in which all embrace the purity of faith.

Lore of Thrane


Common Knowledge: That Thrane survived the Last War more or less intact is a testament to the power of the Church of the Silver Flame. Over twenty years after the war started, pious King Thalin’s death left Thrane at the center of a raging storm, with enemies to all sides. Faced with internal strife, Prince Daslin renounced his claim to the throne. The church was forced to step forward and guide the nation through the war. As a result, the people fought for more than just their homes and lands—they fought for faith. Their conviction gave them the strength to soldier on no matter the odds.

History DC 15: Divorcing the church’s history from the nation’s is impossible—their stories are too tightly bound. The province of Thrane, like its sister realms, came to be when Thrane ir’Wynarn, King Galifar I’s third son, assumed power as regent and ruler. For three centuries, Thrane grew in power and influence, benefiting from its proximity to Thronehold and its position as Galifar’s crossroads of culture and commerce.

At the close of the third century, an ancient lord of darkness called Bel Shalor broke free from his bonds and emerged from Khyber, spawning monstrous threats upon the land and spreading misery and death. As the church’s history recounts, the paladin Tira Miron heard the call of the ancient light that had long imprisoned the demons and responded to the challenge, leading a band of heroes to the site where Flamekeep now stands to battle the monstrous tide and face the burgeoning evil. Facing the fiendish overlord, Tira allowed herself to become a vessel for the Flame, sacrificing her own life to defeat the mighty fiend. A fountain of silver flame marks the site of her sacrifice and ascension, and her example inspired a new religion . . . perhaps the greatest religion ever formed on Khorvaire.

From these noble origins grew the Church of the Silver Flame. Word spread throughout Thrane and beyond, bringing the curious and the skeptical to behold its power. Those who witnessed the shining beacon were transformed, adding their numbers to the growing movement, until the church’s power and influence could not be ignored. Tira Miron lives on in spirit as the Voice of the Flame, revered by all who follow the faith.

History DC 20: As the church grew, so too did its hold on Thrane’s royal scions until the regents came to see themselves as the ultimate champions of the faith. When Galifar broke into disparate nations following King Jarot’s death, Thalin declared himself King of Thrane and seized the opportunity to extend the [[Curch of the Silver Flame|church] throughout the dying kingdom, to become head of a grand empire devoted to the Silver Flame. His zealotry plunged Thrane into war and set the tone for its fanaticism throughout the Last War.

Upon Thalin’s death, the crown was to pass to his heir, Prince Daslin. The people rose up against the prince, whom most deemed weak and unworthy. At the urging of the masses, the church stepped forward, assuming both temporal and spiritual leadership of the state. Intimidated by the church’s authority and fearing a bloody civil war if he didn’t step aside, Daslin surrendered his claim to the crown, ceding all authority to the Keeper of the Flame, the mortal who serves as titular head of the church. During the Last War, the royal heirs remained loyal but lost any vestige of power and became nothing more than symbols. The current blood regent is Diani ir’Wynarn, and she often appears alongside the Keeper of the Flame to show solidarity with the church.

Members of the old nobility retained their holdings as long as they supported the church. Those nobles who did so continued to rule as they had before the theocracy. Those who resisted lost everything, including, in some cases, their lives.

History DC 25: Thrane abides by the Thronehold Accords, and the church’s young Keeper of the Flame is not eager to see her people victimized in another war. Even so, extremist elements among the nation’s leaders seek to channel rebuilding resources to Thrane’s military, to establish a new Galifar with the church at its head.


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