Tradition, discipline, and excellence in all things define Karrnath. A nation with a proud military history, it has stood for centuries as the strongest of the Five Nations, producing the finest generals and armies the kingdom of Galifar has ever seen. These qualities proved the nation’s greatest asset, but also its greatest vulnerability, during the Last War. Although the nation never surrendered, an overreliance on military concerns left it unprepared for different kinds of enemies—plague, famine, and intrigue.

Lore of Karrnath


Common Knowledge: Karrnath controls lands north of the Mournland and the Talenta Plains, stretching down from the shores of Karrn Bay between Scions Sound to the west and the Ironroot Mountains to the east. Dense forest covers most of its western holdings, including the massive Karrnwood and the dark Nightwood. The Ashen Spires rise in the nation’s heart, while the eastern Icetop Mountains lead to the Ironroots beyond. In the southeast, the forested countryside gives way to vast rolling hills and grasslands until it joins the Talenta Plains.

Nature DC 15: The lands are rich and verdant, but an insufficient number of farmers and adverse weather keep the nation from feeding all its people. Food shortages are a constant problem, forcing the nation to import grain from Aundair, the Eldeen Reaches, and Breland. Karrnathi livestock, while not overabundant, is plentiful and of the highest quality. Pork, beef, dairy, exotic cheeses, and butter are staples of the Karrnathi diet, and the nation produces enough of these commodities to export a large amount of them to other nations, where they are viewed as luxuries. Karrnath also harvests its forests for lumber and paper.


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