Dark Side

Jhett's Journal
Experiment (“Ship’s Name”) Log: YK 998, Barrakas the 20th

Perhaps a bit longer, and a mite sooner that I had planned for the test – but this is going to be fun.

Travel time! See ya on the flip side suckers. To the bat jet!

Experiment (“Ship’s Name”) Log: YK 998, Rhaan the 4th

12th day of the journey. Unexpected delay. Downside: Going to be late getting back to work. Upside: Finding a cute little town named Fellcrest and it’s even cuter bard. Plus, ADVENTURE!!!

Ok ok ok. There were a few minor miscalculation issues that arose partway through the test flight. But no one said it was going to go perfectly (the test flights never do), and frankly it wasn’t anything THAT major. Just perhaps a “control error disagreement” is the best way to put it.

You (mystery reader) should have seen the landing though. It was spectacular.

Repairs needed to get back in the air:

Some soarwood – might have a lead on this
Minor sail stitching
Arcane ritual thing
Air Elemental

The ship is currently being securely hidden in the northern Eldeen Reaches in the forest.

Upon hiding it, I intercepted a young male farmer who seems to be a fair soldier and wields an ax. His name is Amars and he brought me into town. Poor thing didn’t realize he was a dog howling at a reflection of the moon until later that night when I met Celia, the beautiful bard. The tavern in the tiny town (more a cluster of farms really) is run by a great large ogre named Zac who seems like a guy I’d love to hang out with – if he lived someplace a bit more accessible I might plan on spending more time in his establishment. As it is, I need to just find a way to get back in the air and then get out of here.

There might be one small further delay on that though. Turns out there is a little girl in town who has been afflicted by a supernatural illness. Might be a curse. A deva chap named Gamal says he believes it to be a variety that spreads. Damn. Celia, as well as a druid in the town named Nemata, had visions my first night here about a lichy dame named Lady Saharel up in the Shadowcrag Mountains north of here. Looks like myself, Gamal, Amars, and a magically inclined bloke calling himself Devon are off to find out more. .
Amars Journal
Date: Rhaan 4, YK 998

Today started a little differently then others. It all started when I was out training in my skills and I hear this noise in the distance. By the time I turned to look, the only thing I saw was this little tornado. The oddest thing about was that the tornado looked alive. So naturally I go to check things out. I make it half way there and this cute little half-elf comes popping out of the woods. I didn’t even get a chance to get a word out because she was all mouth. She was trying to keep something hidden in the woods. Ok, we all have things to hide, especially in Fellcrest. Besides, I’m sure one of the Wardens will find it. So I escort her to town, and the first place she wants to go is the tavern. Fine by me, but I did caution her not to ask where anybody is from. We do like our privacy in Fellcrest. I’d ask, but I think I’m safer not knowing. This little half-elf tells me her name is Jhett. The funny thing is, is that she wears these goggles that look as if she stole them from a gnome artificer. So when we do get to the tavern I part ways with her to take care of some things at the smith. Naturally I let the smith know we have a bit of an odd visitor in town. I figure if things get out of hand, between the tavern keep and the smith, it’ll be handled hands down..

After the trip to the smith I popped in on mom and dad to see how they’re doing and then I made my way back toward the tavern to see if this Jhett girl was running a muck. Sadly she wasn’t, but it was an interesting scene. Apparently she swings her axe from the other side of the body because she was hitting on the lute girl! What a waste of a cute half-elf. As soon as I walk in, I see my old comrade Arghesh. Arghesh, a deva named Gamal, a wizard named Devon, and Jhett were on their way out to go see Mr. Gainsborough’s daughter, Aeris, who has taken ill with a mysterious disease. The town elder, Nemata, sent for the deva. So naturally I tag along. Aeris is in bad shape so we do what we can, which is not much but ease her pain a little and give them hope that we can find a cure..

That evening at the tavern the lute girl sang us a sad and disturbing little ditty that apparently, to the deva, has clues to a real life place. Fine, but I’m more concerned with finding a cure for Aeris, so I kind of started to daydreamed while everyone else goes over clues and makes plans. The next morning we all agreed to be companions and head off to find Lady Saharel. I hope we find a cure. I’d hate to go through hell for nothing..

On our way of town, Farmer Jettson stopped us because he had a big rat problem. But unknown to us, his big rat problem was really a “big rats” problem. Dire rats were what they were. The dire rats challenged us, but we triumphed anyway.

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